Savanek a Hebounek Savánek a Hebounek

Highly absorbent nonwoven fabric made of
fine SPUNLACE material

Savanek a Hebounek rolky

The product is taught as a disposable pad under patient during medical or nursing interventions to ensure completely clean environment and to prevent the transmission of infection in open wounds.


In larger sizes it can be used as a blanket on the examination table. In small sizes it can get in contact with wound. Its high absorbency is very usefull here, particularly in the treatment of wounds (absorption of blood, effusions, exudates, and other body fluids).


It is used to be use in cleaning processes and in the food and catering industry.

The main advantages of this material include high absorbency (up to 10 times its own weight), softness, strength and low linting both in dry and wet state.

SAVÁNEK & HEBOUNEK is registered as a medical device and material
is tested for contact with skin and with food.

  • SPUNLACE type
  • high absorbency
  • soft nonwoven material
  • white color
  • grammage of the material is 50 g / m2
Savánek / Hebounek - Rolls
REF. size pcs/pack
17440 50cm x 100m 1
17441 95cm x 100m 1
17442 50cm x 300m 1
17443 95cm x 300m 1
Savánek / Hebounek - Cut sheets
REF. size pcs/pack pack/carton
17450 30cm x 30cm 200 4
17451 40cm x 51cm 200 5
17452 70cm x 80cm 50 6
17453 50cm x 95cm 100 5
17454 95cm x 150cm 25 4
17455 140cm x 250m 10 5

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